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inquisitive & amenable


15 September 1987

Sorted Stamped

Ravenclaw; hogwartishome Application,
Castle Hogwarts , Accio Sorting Hat, Imperius Sort, Phoenix Sorting, Sorting It Out, Belong, Hogwarts Home,Wingardium

Gryffindor; Hogwarts Pride, Bogwarts, Hat Sorting.

Hufflepuff; Pottermore my profile, Hogwarts Elite Application.

Slytherin; Hogwarts Unity.

Gryffinpuff; Hybrid Elite, Fawkes Reunion.

Ravenpuff; Diffindo Elite.

Ravendor; Imperius Stamp, Diffindo Elite, HiH Stamp

13 3/4 inches, Unicorn hair, Larch wood, Slightly Springy

Number 6; Athena, Halfblood Elite, Greek myth stamp

Reliable Realist
INTJ - The Strategist

Stamped as HP
Madame Pomfrey @ HiH Stamp
Hermione Granger @ HiH Stamp
Remus Lupin @ HiH Matchmaker
Aberforth Dumbledore @ Wingardium Stamp
Kingsley Shacklebolt @ Diffindo Stamp
Albus Dumbledore @ Accio HP-Stamp
James Potter @ Imperius Stamp
Remus Lupin @ MWPP Rating
Lavender Brown @ HP stamping

Clydesdale Horse @ HiH Animagus
Jaguar Animagus @ HiH Animagus
Japanese Bobtail Animagus @ HiH Animagus
Owl Animagus @ Accio Ani-Patro
Lynx Patronus @ Accio Ani-Patro
Cheetah Animagus @ Imperius Ani-Patro
Cat Animagus @ Animagi Patro

Stamped as Anime
Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaioh @ Sailor Moon Rating
Green Esmeraude @ Sailor Moon Villains
Himawari Kunogi @ Xxx Holic rating
Takashi Morinozuka @ Ouran Stampingz
Kyouya Ootori @ Hostclub Rating
Akito Sohma @ Fruits Basket Rating
Kaname Kuran @ Vampire Knight Stamps

Stamped as Other
Elinor Dashwood @ Literary heroine Jane Austen theme
Irene Adler @ Literary heroine
The Magician @ Tarot Stamp
Bitchiwitch @ Sue Sorting
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